The Secret To Finding Your Purpose

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"Doing Life Perfectly Imperfect"

"There is a river flowing deep in the heart of our life. If we can connect with it and follow it, it will carry us where we need to be."

Dear Reader,

Have you noticed how seemingly random actions lead to unexpected gifts?

The more I look, the more I see.

There's a cacophony of noise in marketing about how to game algorithms, how long you have to be on platforms, and what sort of posts you should send.

Of course, all this advice contains nuggets of wisdom. But do you know where the best advice is?

Yep - you got it, within you.

I try ALL the different schemes and tricks and some work, some don't. But the most incredible responses seem to come from nowhere.

For instance, I post on Linked In - sometimes regularly, sometimes sporadically, the advice is spend 30 minutes a day and post three times a week - I don't do that. However, I have been a regular contributor for a number of years.

Anyway, imagine my surprise when I received a message from an unknown person inviting me to contribute to their journal. As you can see, I'd even said no to their connection request originally.

The message went on to invite me to contribute to their journal.

Now, maybe I'm getting a bit jaded, but my first thought was 'Is this a scam?' followed by 'What does it cost?'

After a little due diligence, I realised that this was a genuine outreach from a wonderful, warm-hearted person who is establishing a well-being retreat. No need for all that suspicion on my side :)

I wrote my piece, and Syrie posted it everywhere, and they even included the prologue to Wing of an Angel.

I dug out some old photos to go with the piece - please read and let me know if it helps you find your purpose ;)

As ever, I'd love to hear from you, hit reply and let me know how you are doing.

Until then here's some stuff:

With love, JB (aka MamaJ)

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