Quick Tips for Multipassionates: Perseverance is King

Freedom Friday

by MamaJ

Energy Boosters:
Quick Tips for Multipassionate People

Sometimes it's just a case of keeping going.

Tackling the issues as they occur.

Slaying the dragon.

I've been creating a new audio course on a wellbeing app called Insight Timer - From Stress To Calm For Busy People.

It's a new thing so I started with gusto!

Then I encountered some challenges, tech and commitments and lack of drive.

But each time I picked up and got the next thing done.

My course was rejected twice - I fixed the issues and re-submitted each time.

And now it's live!

Perseverance is King :)

The Slump: Loss of Momentum

You find yourself stuck with a project or task you want to get done.

You find yourself with thoughts like: 'it's not the right time' or 'maybe it's not meant to be' or 'I'm just not good enough'.

Energy Booster


Good old fashioned brainstorming!

Sit in your favourite spot, with a cup of hot coffee (or tea), and your favourite journal and pens.

And scribble.

Just brain dump everything you have in your head about your project.

You can mind map or make a list or draw symbols - just empty your head.

Keep going for at least 15 minutes - until every thought you've got is on that paper.

Then see what stands out as something you can do now.

As and extra bonus check out the new course I created

Send me a picture of your braindump :)

Love, MamaJ

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