Quick Tips for Multipassionates: Loss of Momentum

Freedom Friday

by MamaJ

Energy Boosters:
Quick Tips for Multipassionate People


Have you started projects all fired up with great gusto only to find you lose momentum and never get finished?

Me too!

So, first of all, stop beating yourself up about it. Remember my motto Be Kind to Your Mind.

The Slump: Loss of Momentum

You find yourself losing momentum that seemed to be 'the thing' you couldn't wait to do a few days or weeks ago.

Time passes and the reasons for not getting going again pile up.

You just can't seem to find the time/energy/motivation to pick the project up again.

It all starts to feel overwhelming.

You start the negative back chat on yourself.

Energy Booster

Just Start!

Yep a bit of a simple one this week.

I've found that when I'm building all the excuses in my mind, when I'm trying to find space in my diary, when I don't have the right _________ (fill in the blank).

That's a message to me that I need to just start.

Pick the thing up and start. From the middle. At the end. It doesn't matter.

Starting has it's own energy and soon enough you find you know what you need to do and momentum is created :)

It's how I wrote my memoir Wing of an Angel. Just saying!

Let me know what you did :)

Love, MamaJ

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