Quick Tips for Multipassionate People: Joy in the everyday

Freedom Friday

by MamaJ

Energy Boosters:
Quick Tips for Multipassionate People

I love it when I find joy in the everyday.

The norm.

It fills me to the brim :)

Today it was a visit to the doctor. Patience while waiting in the packed surgery. I'd had the nudge to take a coffee with me. So I sat and enjoyed my coffee and wrote an outline for a presentation I'm hosting to the Danish-speaking community.

I was grateful to the lovely, incredibly busy doctor, she listened and seemed to get me, she didn't fob me off. I blessed her in her work.

And then a hilarious trip to the pharmacy, having a good laugh with the old dears!

So simple. So delicious. So full of joy.

The Slump: Mundane Tasks

You find yourself frustrated with the everyday tasks: the washing, the cleaning, the shopping, the trip to the doctors.

It feels like you never get enough time for yourself. To do what you want to do.

Energy Booster: Get Present

Seize the moment. Find joy in the fact that you 'get' to do the mundane. The frustration or irritation comes from your head going faster than life.

Slow down.

Take a breath.

Enjoy the freedom of doing normal.

You don't have to be a superstar in this moment. You can just BE you. This task right now is your present.

When you see that, joy is automatic.

Here's me enjoying my present.

Let me know about yours x

Love, MamaJ

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