Do You Feel Listened To?

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" Change the way you listen … and the entire world will change"

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Do You Feel Listened To?

I never knew listening could have such an impact.

One of the exercises we do in our workshops is having people listen to each other.
- not listening to respond
- not listening to resonate
- not listening to empathise

Just deep listening. BEING with the other person in a deep state of quiet.

Do you feel listened to?

When I first started discovering deep listening, I felt like I'd never listened to anyone, and I'd never been listened to!

It truly changed my life; I started hearing way more than their words; I started feeling the other person; I started listening.

And even more magical, I started listening to myself :)

This weekend, I get to share how listening became a catalyst for change in my work in prisons at the Listening World Summit in Prague.

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And on Sunday, I'm delighted to co-host a special session on Intuition with Linda Sandal Pettit!

Best bit? You can get free access to the online version here

Let me know a story of listening in your life.

May Events

Suddenly on Sheaf Street's Bookshop Author Day was a blast! Video coming soon.

A wonderful event of international speakers in the heart of Prague. An amazing opportunity to deepen your own listening and connect with others. Come and be with us in Prague or listen online (for free).

Coming up:

June 29 - July 1st: I'll be at the 3PUK conference in London, another wonderful event full of connection, learning and an exploration into your own potential.

July 9 - 12: I'm co-presenting at the British Society for Criminology Conference in Glasgow. An opportunity to learn about what's going on in the world of criminology research and connect with some impressive activists and speakers.

September 12 - 15: I'm co-hosting an intimate Writers Retreat in Leicestershire on the beautiful grounds of Launde Abbey. No experience is needed, just a desire to find your voice (3 places left).

With love, JB (aka MamaJ)

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