Quick Tips for Multipassionates: 5 minute breathers

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Freedom Friday

by MamaJ

Energy Boosters:
Quick Tips for Multipassionate People


These Friday emails are quick reads to provide insight into where you're overwhelming yourself and an energy boost to top you up.

Slump Signs

  • You feel like you need a month off on a tropical island!

If it feels like you need a month off in a dark room (or a tropical island), that's a message from your body telling you to slow down.

It's a gift.

I've realised that it means "Slow Down Right Now."

Not wait until you can have a holiday or book a long weekend. Take action now.

Energy Booster

Block out at least Five 5 minute breathing spaces throughout your day

Three things will happen

  1. Your mind/body feels like it's being listened to and will respond to the healing of those precious minutes.
  2. You will slow down from the 100 miles per hour, giving you a chance for more insight.
  3. You will be way more productive when you go back to your desk/project.

Let me know your favourite way to slow down!

Love, MamaJ

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