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"Doing Life Perfectly Imperfect"

"Everything we produce as artists comes from a source beyond our conscious awareness." Steven Pressfield

Dear Reader,

We live in a fortunate time when pretty much everyone can create a website, edit a video, start a business, and write a book.

But I'm seeing more and more that true craft comes from honing one's skills rather than just starting and learning and moving on.

Back in 2010 when I put my toe in the world of helping others, I didn't think I could write, so I started contributing to Twitter's Audioboo - I loved creating those little boo's and I often did them on my morning walk around Moseley Park.

Bonus point to anyone who can find one of my old audios on X (hint: You need to look under Beyond Recovery and go back a few years).

I digress! Since then, I've published my memoir, Wing of an Angel, contributed pieces to several other books, and regularly contributed to Medium and Insidetime (the prison newspaper).

Who'da thunk it!

Now you all know I'm very much a doing sort of a gal, but I also appreciate honing my craft along the way. I've invested time and money in writing courses and mentoring alongside learning by experience.

Then, last year, I was delighted to partner with Maria Iliffe Wood to host a writing retreat in Criecieth Wales.

We had so much fun! Writing, learning, communing, walking and lots of healthy eating.

If you'd like to hone your skills, no matter what level of experience, if you are an author or online writer - or want to be one, we'd be delighted to have you join us at the next retreat September 12-15th at the beautiful Launde Abbey in Leicestershire.

We only have four spaces left, so book yours now by clicking the image below.

You can also reply to this email if you'd like a quick chat about it first, I'd love to hear from you.

Writers Retreat

With love, JB (aka MamaJ)

Wild Inspired Life, Eastlands Court Business Centre St Peters Road , Rugby, CV21 3QP
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